Editorial Team


Anna Alva (she/her)
Anna is a fifth-year Political Science major with a minor in Applied Ethics. Her primary interests involve political philosophy and critical theory,  focusing especially on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.  She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity to foster an academic community within UVic's Political Science department.

Simone Rutherford (she/her) 

Simone is a third-year Political Science student with a minor in Gender Studies. Her research interests include international affairs and feminist theories, particularly on how the axes of gender, race, and sexuality intersect to produce inequalities within power relations. 

Editorial Assistants:

Oliver James (they/them) 
Oliver is a first-year student wandering around in the Social Sciences and minoring in Latin American Studies. Their areas of interest include the history of the Andean conquest, international relations, and decolonial theories. 


Keiran Ellis (she/her) 
Keiran is a fourth-year Political Science student with a minor in Philosophy. Her areas of study include international relations, international law, and applied ethics.

Dorothy Hodgins (she/her) 
Dorothy is a senior undergraduate studying Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Indigenous Studies. She is interested in the many forms decolonization takes within a settler state, and specifically applies the feminist Indigenist lense to land back movements in the territories known as Canada and British Columbia. As a settler of European descent, she holds critical self-reflection and location as the organizing tenent of her academic and community work. 

Claire Eppler (she/her) 
Claire is a fifth-year political science student finishing up the final year of her degree. Her areas of interest include gender equality and representation in politics, environmental politics, and international relations.

Isabel Elena Simons (she/her) 
Izzie is a political science major and global development studies minor in the final year of her degree. Her interests include political ecology theory, urban development policy, and the political intricacies of ecological restoration. She is writing her honours thesis on land tenure approaches in large-scale restoration projects.

Cooper Philp (they/them)
Cooper is in the third year of their Political Science degree. They are especially interested in Canadian economic policy.

Kennedy Willier (she/her)
Kennedy is a second year student working towards a Political Science degree with a minor in Indigenous Studies. Her interests include Indigenous sovereignty, law, and gender violence, and Canadian and American policy politics. 

Kayla Brent (she/her)
Kayla is a fourth-year student finishing her degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. She has previous experience in political organizing, policy development, and applied agriculture. Her interests include food security, urban planning, and environmental ethics.

Robin Gagné (he/him)
Robin is a political science alumni that focused on political theory and political economy. He now works as a governmental advisory for local governments and First Nations with an interest in economic and community development.

Sage Blumstengel (she/they) is a senior undergraduate student, finishing up her degree with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Her main interests at the moment are decolonial theory, intersectionality theory, cooperatives, and community planning. She is finishing up her degree with a co-op with the Federal government.