Call for Papers *information will be updated for Spring 2024 Issue by November 1st, 2023*

On Politics is opening its first call for papers for the SPRING 2023 Issue. Now is you
r chance to have your work featured!

For the Spring 2023 On Politics issue we are looking to broaden the scope of the journals content within the world of politics. Whether that be Canadian politics, international relations, comparative politics, or something else political in nature. We are hoping to move the journal in a direction that embodies a wider range of voices.

We encourage folks to submit papers written from courses outside of Political Science, ranging from Indigenous Studies, Sociology, Gender Studies, History, Environmental Studies, and more. As long as the paper is political in nature!**

Submission Requirements:

Requirements for submissions include that the paper must have received an A- or higher in a 200-400 level UVIC course. The paper must be between 1500-4500 words and be submitted as a docx..

Submissions are due by February 17th, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Submit via email at:

Email Subject: ‘Spring 2023 On Politics Submission’.

Our editors are looking forward to reading your submissions!


Call for Volunteer Editors & Proofreaders

Volunteer applications for editors and proofreaders for the Spring 2023 Issue are now open. Come join the new generation of the On Politics’s Editorial Team!!
Editors assist with the editing process of journal submissions. While no previous editorial experience is required, ideally you will be an individual with strong writing and editing skills (with attentive eyes for all things grammatical). This process will provide you with experience working back and forth with the submissions authors. You will be apart of the team, working towards preparing academic papers written by your peers for publication.
We are hoping to build an awesome editorial team for this issue, all years welcome! This will be a great opportunity to expand your attention to detail, copywriting skills, read some awesome papers written by your peers, and a chance to connect with similarly motivated students.
To apply:
- Email subject: ‘Spring 2023 Editorial Team Application’
- Tell us a bit about yourself, we want to get to know you. Tell us why you are interested in joining us and what you can bring to the team

Volunteer applications for editors and proofreaders can be submitted to 

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