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My lab project exp

by Karen Cunningham (2018-05-15)

Be careful with your comparison. The observation that there is more collaboration in the lab may be the result of an incomplete analysis.

I have a Liberal Arts degree and a few decades later I took some fine arts related courses. There was no lack of collaboration in any of those courses, and it was especially robust in studio courses. In that type of course I not only did my own thing, but watched others create and had wonderful dialogue with my classmates. We all could see what the others were creating, and could discuss all manner of things relating to the creation process itself. There were projects I would never want to do myself, but sharing information was informative and revealing. One thing I learned about the most successful artists and their projects (and which I had never heard discussed by academic leaders in arts programs more here: marvelessay): Decision making skills are important in life and a place to learn them is in an arts program.

I think STEM is great as a line of effort that is part of a more broadly formed curriculum. But too much STEM and we risk creating legions of "soft" robots. We should be pointing towards STEAM.