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What's the great mystery supposedly surrounding this homework issue?

by Karen Cunningham (2017-11-14)

What's the great mystery supposedly surrounding this issue?  
It's pretty simple: kids who grow up in an environment in which they are assured that they can succeed by expending effort, in which they are expected to expend that effort to succeed, and in which the consequences of not succeeding are made clear excel project - is assignment. 
Parents who act like pains in their children's neck can expect eventual backlash when the day arrives that they can no longer control every aspect of their kids' lives (the 'tiger mom' stereotype). Parents who let their kids slide by with little or no effort or expectations and who indicate that feeding from the 'safety net' trough can expect kids who will do just that (the 'uninterested parent' stereotype). 
A few simple principles will enable virtually any kid to succeed: 
- You control most of your own destiny. 
- You largely get out of life what you put into it. 
- Learning and success are difficult to achieve, but well worth the rewards. (Conversely, belly-aching and blaming others are very, very easy, but not very satisfying.) 
- Things that get handed to you on a silver platter tend to be no more valuable than what is deposited in the commode. 
- Now get to work!