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All students should learn to code. Right?

by Karen Cunningham (2018-02-14)

What my high school senior learned about programming (JAVA or C++, Python etc) is that the code is already in the common domain on the internet. All you have to do is combine it the right way. He used existing code and other students used his code. No technical skills required. 

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This urge to teach the current technology goes around every so often. I learned binary code in second grade. It was obsolete by third grade. In college we were taught pl1 and spk. No clue who uses those. Computer science professors aren't usually up to date with current programming. It's all a pointless chasing of the latest educational bright shiny object.  
Not that there's anything wrong with learning to code if you want to, but not everyone needs to know it.


I write code and think the process of computer programming can be really valuable in teaching kids structured, logical thinking. 
That being said, there are already plenty of kid-centric coding platforms available. A great starter platform is Scratch developed by MIT and free to download. Older kids can try the many Python tutorials online, also free. 
My point is that a federal program is not needed to introduce kids to computer programming. This will be just another 4 Billion debt funded dollars flushed down the toilet. But what does Obama care? It ain't his money and he gets another free inject of narcissistic supply from his sycophants. 
It's a shame that the Nitwit Mediocrity in the White House hasn't spent more time over the last 7 years working on fixing the hyper-busted tax code, rather than pushing coding for kids.