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Since the Web pushed on the ol' Fast Forward On the skateboarding game, filmmakers, marketeers as well as the sites are in a SpaceRush to get. Time lapse? Claymation? Baby powder? Helicopters?!! There's been some visuals in the past few years, and also ourgrinds have never seemed so magical--even when viewed on our iPhones' very small screens.

 Nevertheless, there's a predilection One of those in the field, while chasing the cosmic window of awesomeness, to make a turn ortwo and end up--unwittingly. With this unsettling metaphor, consider all and Destroy video a enema : Straight-forward shredding,visceral VX, scrapes and the Bake. It's the Baker skateboards team doing what they do best--keeping the children jumping off ofshit. You know, skateboarding.

Thrasher is honored to give away this DVD with our mag 'cause it represents what we appreciate: Agroup of friends, having fun and ripping the streets. Thanks to Beagle, Miner, Drew, Doughnut, Independent, Emerica, Altamont andof the skaters on the Baker group for making this happen. Bake and Destroy eternallyKEVIN SPANKY LONGWhen was the last time you can recall not Being on a deadline that is video? This is Skateboarding. There've been little There's always something in the works or around the corner, although exotic cruisespans. How did this project and beyond differ Videos far as the things your expectations for yourself and you would like to skate? This definitely felt like there was less pressure. The Boss made it obvious to everyone that we ought to get whatever we buy. Ithad been a brief time to film in, and a couple people were injured for a fantastic portion of the moment. I only hoped to get ashit in there.

The deadline was like any other, but the entire thing was more fun than the video craze. Describe the Baker team video. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a filmer and enormous crews? We jump in the van and see where it takes us. Areas are shouted out by guys, and Beagle will take us, if nobody has something inyour mind. It disturbs being with a big crew since the dudes keep up the hype. As far as cons, I guess you gotta speak up if youwant skate some thing specific. I don't talk, because the pressure of bringing the entire team to my bullshit usually turns meoff. Under what conditions would you set up a solo Mission with the filmer and you? Man.

The LA stuff that was high took A couple of times going back again. So I guess it's for shit you've already attempted and iscurrently weighing on you. I can not believe you moved back to those LA High Banks after all the wild tricks you have previously done there. Can youanticipate more sexy moves on these things in the future even? Thanks. That place's torturous, but I love it. I am positive these crazy kiddies got more for this, and I definitely got some morebones to pick with that bad boy. You skate pools in this video. What's your take on pool skating? It is the best. You can't match the whole Operation: Finding them, the-in-and-out vibe, the bizarre rules...

Among the rare thingswhich make me feel like a little child again. Can you think you have to be a little old to appreciate pools? Fuck no. You just gotta hop a couple fences And skate it to be appreciated by a couple. The things these true pool rippers dowould be lucking mind-blowing. It's just a different degree. What mental steps do You Need to take to Inform a friend who puts you? That does not require any effort. When one of your Best friends causes you pain and distress, it's still an accident. I'm notperfect, and no one else has to be. Was it retarded? Yes. Was he trying to hurt me?

No. That's the decisive factor. Were there any promises made, such as "I Promise never to put you on fire again?" You know what? I Believe he might have actually Said that right after. Seriously. I still need to take him a really disapprovinglook whenever I see him playing with passion, though. "Put the fucking lighter down right now, idiot." Have you ever known a skater On himself to escape having to keep trying a hint? I'm gonna plead the fifth on this one. A child Who tells on another kid is a dead kid. Do you ever venture out on how much the Internet Has impacted the job of an expert skater, even in the last few decades? God, every day. I hard on how it's Impacting our society.

 I am scared by it. I miss the old times. I'm really making an effort toaccommodate and embrace that because I don't need to be left behind. So I do my assignments and look at the Thrasher site. I drivemyself. Are demands that are online cramping your style?They are probably cramping my relevance as a pro. I'm not online enough to understand just how much I'm blowing it. SPANKY CONTINUEDHow is it having Jerry in LA?The ideal. He resides like three cruiser-board Pushes away. It is a life-changer with that dude so shut. He's my Yoda. PerhapsBrobi Wan Kenobi.

Do you ever tell yourself, "Well, at Least I will never slam as tough as Jerry..."? Obviously. It's hard for me to watch him slam, though. Me hurt. Knock on wood, what is your injury Can you get over it? I cant imagine anything being worse than the Burn, but that doesn't affect me anymore and was temporary. As far as skate-relatedaccidents, I've had three knee surgeries that are minor. They were not painful, but always untimely and with outcomes that arelame. Did Trixie really beat you Match on Skate Rock? Dude, totally! Granted I was wasted on plenty She's just a monster, although of warm shot-gunned Sparks. I give up this to her. Ireceived no shame in losing a battle of power with that Goliath. I'm astonished I won the first oneI have a home out here. My family is outside here.

I come out here if there is not much happening in Los Angeles. So I'm out theremost of the time, Skating's mostly going on in LA. I have a flat in LA.. But when we get back from a trip or when nothing ishappening, I come up here and kick it with all the family, hang out with my brother. What do you do out here?Just a bunch of car stuff. There's Desert-style parties, small river items, I go to my mother's... But most of the time I spendhere, it is working on automobiles. It's been about five years which you and your Brother have been fixing cars up. How many do you have under your belts? HermanBrother automobiles are there on earth? Which, four or three are done.

Shit... That. Realistically it's three. Tell us about the one that you guys made for Your mom. That one is really awesome. It is her dream Automobile--the one since she was 14 years old, she's wanted. She might have desiredit for longer than that. We always heard about it: "1967 Camaro; 1967 Camaro." She be talking about that vehicle when we weregrowing up. Finally we came across one which had been wrecked. It just happened to work out--we had all of the resources and allof the components we needed to complete it.

It took two decades to construct it, and we had to be sneaky so she wouldn't find it.I received this house right around Christmas but we had not moved in yet, so we parked the car in the garage and pulled over here,saying we just wanted to show her the new location. We place "Merry Christmas" on the car with a huge bow. She turned out. She wasso hyped and it was completely lost by her, with tears of pleasure and all that. It was so much cooler that my brother and I hadleft it for her. It meant much more to us, and it meant more to her, too, that we had built it. What's your Very Best Beagle story from the filming Of this vid?

 Man is another "best Beagle story." We were out skating one time, and after about 45 minutes I still had not gotten the firsttrick in a two-trick line. Beagle will set up with whatever, and I was being a sissy daily. I did the trick, because I had been sotired but then I dropped pushing towards the second. I kicked my board out and it flew down by Beagle's next camera. He went toensure if he walked away I broke his plank, and everything was OK. Boards don't split--I did not even know I'd be able to focusit.

I always stomp and neglect, but just trying to snap it's usually enough to relieve whatever's going on with me... However,this time I jumped onto it and snapped it in half! Thus Beagle did care, and I went from pissed off to feeling like a completedick. All he cared about was the way he was planning to film. He loves filming. He was stoked to picture this video. He makeseverything. Cruise out and skate. That's his shit. What is your favorite suggestion, of anybody's, in Bake And Destroy? There's a bunch of shit that I am psyched on. I Like Braydon trick with the foot reverse out.

I really like Figgy's crooks .Drew's nose is simply mad. A great deal of stand-outs in the movie, for me personally. Are you happy with your part?Sure! We had eight weeks to film a video. This was the entire point: To make it interesting. We have three or two years topicture, and then we select the best three minutes from everything we get. However, this time, they said, "Do what you do and keepit fun." If they'd have said, "Go hard! Go hard!" I worried out and would have lost it. Out there kicking it with the homies buteveryone kept it fun. BRYAN HERMAN CONTINUEDWhat would you say were the best and worst Things to take place during the making of this movie?

 The best thing is that we filmed an awesome video. The thing is that Nuge got hurt half-way through. Dustin got hurt. The injurieswere the worst of this. It is not like anybody wasn't attempting to skate. They'd all come although they had been hurt. Fantastic answer to a question that is stupid! Who's got The part that individuals will trip out on, even though they might not beanticipating? Cyril Jackson. No one has seen him yet so that they Do not understand exactly what to expect, but CJ murdered it . Dee Ostranderkills it. There is a good deal of cool stuff in this thing. Figgy is a beast. I enjoy seeing him skate. He is definitely choosingeverything on the very first attempt.

 His skating is really gnarly. What he's performing on 14-stair railings... Man, I'd love tobe able to do some of the stuff on a seven-stair. Like! Cut that rail in half and allow me to try this for a while. It's been a fantastic season for skateboarding. There Are three or more true SOTY contenders: Guy, David, and Figgy. I know who doyou think's gon na end up with that trophy, although Figgy's your good homie? Dude that's a hard one. It is almost like it is Too close to predict. That is just my opinion: I would say right now, if I had tochoose, it would be a 51-percent to 49-percent divide...

But it'd still be Figgy. Nonetheless, it's tough. It's not hands-down.David's a rad skater. He also fucking rips tranny and railings are ripped by him! I like the material Figgy skates, and I like hisstyle, maybe one-percent more. I am not saying David's not as great or his style is not as good. Kills it being fucked by him. Iwatch his role constantly and I wish I could skate like him... But I still must proceed with Figgy. He just skates the kind ofstuff that I want to see. As far as Guy goes, I haven't seen his role yet. Perhaps I want to investigate, however, his footage waskept rather secret.

It could be Mariano blows off the rest from the water and that Pretty Sweet will come out, and then it ishands-down into The God! But really, it's so tough to choose, and that's great. You are right. It's been a great year for skating.Wow when we have three contenders for SOTY. Things have been great. They may have to chop that trophy at half... this video is done, what is next? Dude, I thought I was going to get a little break, but nope! Drew and Miner are alreadystarting within an Emerica video. There is even less than that, or six months. So we're going out and trying to find footage forthis. It's a video that is full-length, but it may be that not everyone has a part that is full.

 However there is going to be someshit. A bunch of those homies are currently sitting on footage. After that, it's time for Baker 4! They are already talking aboutit. Possibly early 2015, 2014. It is coming.RILEY HAWKHow'd you break the news were riding for Baker? I met up with him one night He told me I had something. I wasn't certain how he was gonna take it.

I asked him to get his adviceon all of it. He said it's up to me, and I'd need to follow my own course. He said he knew I would go on my own. Had you seen Reynolds skate in person before The Baker excursions? Yeah. I recall when he awakened for Birdhouse, Seeing him demos. Was Baker pretty much your only choice?I never really even thought that I could ride For Baker until Slash and Figgy struck up me. But when they did, I was down.

 Can a Baker trip differ from a Birdhouse Excursion? Trips are scheduled. The Baker Ones are a good deal oriented. How'd the very first excursion with Baker go?We moved to SE. It was cool skating with Figgy and Dickson. I'd skated with them and it was good to do this again. Are you currently trying to build your marijuana up Tolerance beforehand?

 Not actually, but I'm pretty sure I got a sore Throat from all the smoking. Do you prefer the business or the stoner van van? I have never ridden in the business van.Do you drink alcohol?No, not actually.Have you?I'm not that party, although I have before guy. A good deal of my friends do and that is cool and all, it's just not what I like to do type of skateboards.

Why was Black Sabbath your first tattoo?Yeah.RILEY HAWK CONTINUEDCan you dig on just or the Dio stuff Ozzy?No Dio stuff. Strictly Ozzy.Do you ever skip "Iron Man"?I like "Iron Man" a whole lot. Even though It I enjoy the solos. Pretty much anything off that album is really excellent. Is Sabbath your favorite group?

Yeah, but if I had to pick something Present, it Earthless. Were your parents freaked out when you Showed them your first tattoo? I Believe I texted my dad and told him I Gonnedna get one with my two buddies. He was like, "Well, you're 18 now. The only adviceI can give you is not to get one on your neck or face." And I'm definitely not going to have one on my neck or face. What's the name of your skate crew?Shep Dawgs.Who would be the OG members?Maybe my buddy Troy, aka "Tron" Rhodes.

He is the younger brother of Lannie and JT. He. He tried to spray-paint something on mywalls and he rather fucked up -- I believe he tried to write Schralp Dogs but it came out Shep Dawgs. We just started saying itlike that. There and movie together. What's the scummiest degree of lodging You will sleep in? So Long as I have a blanket if it is cold It is all great. What for you? Probably the physician he has in Encinitas. He'll call him and then we get taken directly in through the back of the hospitalWhenever I get hurt. He checks out me, figures out what is wrong, and we get the healing process started over the hour. That ispretty wonderful. Can you recall your first skateboard?

No, I don't. I remember riding around on My dad's, and at any point he set me up among my own. How old were you when skateboarding became a Priority of yours? Young; when I started, 11 or 10 was Skating all of the time, going to parks and stuff. Can you feel pressure to skate, or was it? Just that the alternative was there? There was not any pressure in any way. My dad was down To support me in whatever I wanted to do. RILEY HALK CONTINUEDWhat size board do you ride?Just an 8.5.1 was riding Indy 169s and an even Plank, however, it became too difficult to find those decks. You've had lots of bitchin' fiscal suggestions. Is That and street terrain your preferred?

 I like skating ditches a lot. They're super fun. Those are the most natural skatespots: Banks with ledges quarterpipes, on top.It's not interesting if things jump down and damage your heels. What about railings? SD's famous for them. Do you Ever get down? If I could find a rail that I'd be psyched I could skate, but I have that rail-block fear. Talking of SD, you ever have some D3s?I really don't think so, but I am pretty certain I wanted A set at one point. Who's looking great for SOTY this past year?Probably Figgy. They played a sneak preview of His part in Nuge's home a few weeks ago. It is crazy.

Are you feeling on your part?I'm fairly stoked--stoked that they are down to Utilize footage there is some things that Beagle filmed, too, and that my friendJacob shot. I am psyched that I am ready to be a part of it. Who do you ride for?Baker, Lakai, Spitfire, Quiksilver, Indy, and Nixon. ANDREW REYNOLDSWhy did you want to do Bake and Destroy with Thrasher in one? I didn't actually Consider the timeline of it.

Figgy had been skating really hard and killing it and I knew that he was not gonnaquit, so I needed to do something based around him--and then the rest of the team just stepped up. I had one meeting and toldeveryone, "Let's see what we can do, and if it comes out like just a little promo, then cool--Thrasher is going to be pleased withthat. And if it turns into a full-length I am sure Thrasher is going to be happy with this too."


Either way we look great. So what did you end up with?It's definitely a real Baker movie, and it is Everyonesome more than others. I'm just psyched to have a Baker video coming outthat is likely to be liberated in Thrashe! I have watched you in action over the years, on These whatnot and tours. How would you describe your staff management style? Pretty laid back, I guess. I kind of look at It like if you are over 18, you're pretty much by yourself.

 I am not responsible forpeople going to jail and getting in trouble. That's their thing. Should they do that excellent. Should they get up and wish toskate all day and get things done, then that's even better. That is awesome. You let people create their own decisions?There's been times on excursions in my lifetime where I've said, "You know what? I am just gonna drink beer all day and I am notgonna skate," and I am still a pro skater. So, whatever. That is alright if that is what they would like to do that day. They justhave to know that if they keep that up, they are not going to become a professional skater for that long. Can you kick at off someone? Have you ever?

 There's been a few times when I had To let some people today go. It sucks! In precisely the exact same time the task would be toskate challenging, although it is horrible, because they're your buddies and it's not something that anyone would want to do. Thatis pretty much it, if you are not. That's the bottom line. About skating anymore when it's not, it's possible to only let that goon for so long. Just how long can you let that go for? Annually?I'd say three to five, depending on who Your boss is. Pretend I'm this person.

Give the news to me.Well, there likely would have been a few Discussions prior to getting kicked off, for example, "Hey, you have to do a bit more."There would have been that conversation every six months to the previous two decades, and hopefully you would have known it wascoming. So that they see it coming?I really don't know. Maybe. It has not happened enough Days for me to know. Many people have been on Baker the time. All these children want to become on Baker. How do You pick? How it's worked in the past, such as with CJ or Dee or Mike White, is that first of all, they're amazing on a skateboard. Then,you make them come out and skate with everybody.

 What I've noticed is that they are already fans of Baker. They like what it isabout and they been fans since they were children. The kid who is all serious about his competition skating along with hisMountain Dew decals, that kid does like Baker. Those children are not exactly the same as Dee or CJ. They are different sorts ofkids. Then we take them and they get along With everybody, also Figgy and Herm and Braydon are looking at me like, "Man, this kid is theshit! He's super cool! He stinks!" And I am like, "Great. Let us hook him up."

 Can a skater blow it?Not really. I have been on trips with CJ where He's been in their board out of the van and performing 20 tricks measures. Thatexcited! But that's just his personality. We don't look at it as if he's a show-off. He would be doing that if we had been thereor not. He is just eager to jump off shit and kill it. He wants to do something fun. It all depends upon how it's done. Did you Speak about Riley to the Birdman?Herman and me watched him in a Zumiez thing We told him we want to talk to him about Riley. We advised Tony we desired to takehim. Before that, Slash and Figgy was telling me, "We ought to really speak to Riley. His skating is wonderful. He's getting supergreat and he's awesome." Tony simply said, "You know what?

Riley's been killing it and it is entirely up to him." I look at itthis way: if your daddy is Tony Hawk It's got ta be difficult. If my father owned a skateboard company and I rode for it, I mightbe thinking, "Am I riding to it because it's my dad's companion, or am I riding to it since my skating is up to par?" So I thinkthat it's really great for him to be with a bunch of skaters who wish to go out and do exactly the things that admire his skill,and that he can. I believe that it was a move that is fantastic and I really don't think there is any hard feelings on the part ofTony. I believe I am really liked by Tony. He got you into the game?Yeah. He's one of my role models, Because I have seen how he operates. Basically it is "Shut up and just skate and keep on killingit." There is not any complaining. It doesn't exist.

 I was quite pleased when I watched an interview with him recently where hehad been talking about me and he said, "Andrew goes on tour as a kid and skate hard every day rather than complain aboutsomething." I was like, "Shit. I am gonna keep doing this, forever." And I am gonna pass that on to as many people as I can. I'vegot men on the team who do the exact exact thing. It can be the worst situation ever--no meals, worst hotel, and some folks have asmile on their face. They're thinking, "I don't care where I Right now. I am with some cool folks and I get to travel due to my skateboard." So Ilearned that from him. Don't complain and appreciate what you have. Show up in the demo and do your work. That is what you're paidfor.

You are really easy going and on The hand, overly exhausted, especially when it comes to organizing and cleaning things. I've seena parking lot that was dirty is tidied up by you before. Why do you do that? I have to do that to maintain the part. I have to keep things orderly. I got and went through the whole house today. I cleanedStella's room. I don't want any shit. So I pack up it and take it or I place it in the trash. So in our Contents, you did this Caballerial Down the triple touched your palms on the floor and set, and you do not wish to goback--that is odd for you. Have you developed complacent?

No, I am gonna return. I didn't use it video! Well that answers that.Yeah, I couldn't do it. I watched it a few Times and that I gotta return. So if we don't use the sequence?No, use it! Use it!OK. Great. You have been talking about being old A whole lot recently. Do you feel older? Nah, I just joke about. I feel good. I feel Good in my skateboard. I'm healthy. Then I am older when everyone you are using is 21.I'm older than the typical expert skater these days.

That is a fact. When I am about the guys, like I am, I like to joke, althoughI'm not old just like a guy. We offered to put some of Destroy and those Bake You wanted it to become DVD-only, although parts online. What is it about a DVDthat you like? Because we take a Great Deal of pride in Baker as a team. Everybody is simply proud to be on Baker. We've got Baker tattoos. So Iasked around, and everybody was like, "Nah. It should be all of us collectively. It ought to be something."

I agree. That is cool,should you wan na na put a free download on the Thrasher site after the DVD comes out. Can it be satisfying to see Theotis?I enjoy that. I enjoy that a lot.Are there ever times you begin dreaming about Cracking a one? It may cross my mind. However, After 10 decades of sobriety, you figure out that there's no such thing as someone like me crackingone one. One small can of beer? Who wants one small can of beer? It doesn't make sense. I have one really cold glass of water. Are you gonna have a board out for so long Cab? Yeah. I look it at like you can still get a Jordan shoe.

You can still get, though he's not playing a sport anymore The shoe, andyou will. Check out Cardiel. He can't really skate There's got ta be a Cardiel plank, although after what occurred, you know? Ifigure I'm gont possess a plank. Unless and is called by each store Says that they do not want a Reynolds plank; that they can'tsell it. Until then, I'm Gonna have one. what size skateboard do i need