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How to prevent your futon mattress from sliding

Futon mattresses are convenient items that we need for our home. They are useful if we want to save space but still need a sofa and a bed. Moreover, they are significantly affordable so that we do not have to consider too much.

However, there is one thing that we may not be pleased with the futon mattress, it is when the mattress keeps sliding off the frame. What an annoying situation!

So, today we are going to show you how to prevent your futon mattress from sliding and keep it firmly on the frame.

When the reason is the futon mattress material

The most widely recognized explanation why your futon mattress keep sliding is an absence of friction between the mattress and the frame. Generally, almost futon mattresses are made from cotton or polyester materials, which can be slip easily on the wood or metal futon frame. In this case, there is a simple solution that is to make a do-it-yourself gripper to nestle in the middle of the two. To do this, you'll have to buy some non-slip material from craft shop. Then, measure and cut it into piece fitting with your futon mattress. Place the cutting piece between the mattress and the frame, ensure that it stays firmly.

Purchasing a futon mattress cover is also a solution. In this case you do not have to do anything, just go shopping and buy a suitable one with your futon, then everything is done. Or to make sure that your futon mattress is prevented from sliding, you can combine this solution in tandem with the above gripper. Futon mattress covers will not only protect your mattress from dirt, dust and mold but they also keep your mattress tightly on the frame.

A small tip: Installing an elastic hold strip on the base seat deck may give enough protection without the requirement for a seat-back strip. This is particularly critical when the posterior of the futon isn't against a divider and is promptly unmistakable.

If your futon mattress frame is saggy

The second reason make your futon mattress to slip is the squeaky frame. In this case, all you need to do is to tighten the bolts because after months of use, they can be loose. According to futon mattress experts, the futon mattress frame bolts should be checked every two months so that you can have a strong and steady foundation.

An uneven surface can be a reason

Sometimes, the slipping issue of your futon mattress is caused by the uneven surface that you place your frame. Consider the floor, make a small adjustment and problem is solved. As a result, your futon mattress now can stay tightly on the frame.

Your turning makes the futon mattress sliding        

If you have tried all above tips but the futon mattress still keeps slipping and goes out of position, the reason may be the movement you make during using the mattress. During the night, you may toss and turn around, or your children play and jump on top of the futon mattress. Then straps can be the ideal choice in this situation to tie the mattress to the frame.

To do this, you'll have to sew a bit of cording on each edge of the mattress to make circles. When you put mattress over the frame, slip wraps through the recently circles and attach it to the frame’s openings. Now your futon mattress is safe from slipping off the frame.


Try not to leave newborn children unattended on a futon mattress in the event that the mattress doesn't hold its position and creases down the middle.

The final words

In the article, we have shown all tips to prevent your futon mattress from slipping off the frame. We hope that now you all know how to solve this unpleasant issue. If you find this article useful and want to share with your friends, then do not hesitate to do this and let us know your opinion!