Reviews in Progress


Updated: March 1, 2022


The following list of books are "Reviews in Progress."

New philosophy books are being published all the time, at a rate faster than we can include them in our offerings.

Appiah, Kwame Anthony. As If: Idealization and Ideals. Harvard University Press 2019.

Arvan, Marcus. Neurofunctional Prudence and Morality: A Philosophical Theory. Routledge 2020. 

Barris, Jeremy. Sometimes Always True: Undogmatic Pluralism in Politics, Metaphysics, and Epistemology.

Beckman, Frida. Gilles Deleuze. Reaktion 2017.

Boden, Margaret. AI: Its Nature and Future. Oxford University Press 2016.

Braidotti, Rosi, et. al. (eds.). Socially Just Pedagogies: Posthumanist, Feminist and Materialist Perpsectives in Higher Education. Bloomsbury 2018.

Brown, Deborah, and Normore, Calvin. Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life. Oxford University Press 2020.

Christen, Markus, Gordijn, Bert, and Loi, Michele (eds.). The Ethics of Cybersecurity. Springer 2020. 

Cisney, Vernon.  Deleuze and Derrida: Difference and the Power of the Negative. Edinburgh University Press 2018. 

Cohen, Ted. Serious Larks: The Philosophy of Ted Cohen, ed. Daniel Herwitz. University of Chicago Press 2018.

Dvořák, Tomáš, and Parikka, JussiPhotography off the Scale. Edinburgh University Press 2021. 

Eklund, Matti. Choosing Normative Concepts. Oxford University Press 2017. 

Eilenberger, Wolfram. Time of the Magicians: The Invention of Modern Thought, 1919-1929. Allen Lane 2020.

Falque, Emmanuel. Nothing To It: Reading Freud as a Philosopher. Leuven University Press 2020. 

Foucault, Michel, and Prisons Information Group. Intolerable: Writings from Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group (1970-1980). Ed. Kevin Thompson and Perry Zurn. Trans. Perry Zurn and Erik Beranek. University of Minnesota Press 2020. 

French, Stephen. There Are No Such Things as Theories. Oxford University Press 2020.

Galisanka, AndriusJohn Rawls: The Path to A Theory of Justice. Harvard University Press 2019.

Gaut, Berys, and Kieran, Matthew (eds.). Creativity and Philosophy. Routledge 2018.

Gewald, Jan-Bart, Spierenburg, Marja, and Wels, Harry. Nature Conservation in Southern Africa. Brill 2018.

Goldstein, Amy. Janesville: An American Story. Simon and Schuster 2017.

Gover, K.E. Art and Authority: Moral Rights and Meaning in Contemporary Visual Art. Oxford University Press 2018.

Harcourt, Bernard. Critique and Praxis. Columbia University Press 2020. 

Horman, Catherine.  A Hermeneutics of Poetic Education. Lexington 2020.

Jaarsma, Ada, and Dobson, Kit. Dissonant Methods: Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom. University of Alberta Press 2020. 

Josifovic, Sasa, and Noller, Jorg (eds.). Freiheit nach Kant: Tradition, Rezeption, Transformation, Aktualität. Brill 2018.

Kaufman, Dan, ed. The Routledge Companion to Seventeenth Century Philosophy, Routledge 2017.

Kelly, MarkFor Foucault: Against Normative Political Theory. SUNY Press 2018.

Kimhi, Irad. Thinking and Being. Harvard University Press 2018.

Kittay, Eva. Learning From my Daughter: The Value and Care of Disabled Minds. Oxford University Press 2019.

Koslicki, Kathrin. Form, Matter, Substance. Oxford University Press 2018.

Kotva, Simone. Effort and Grace: On the Spiritual Exercise of Philosophy. Bloomsbury 2020. 

Kourany, Janet, and Carrier, Martin (eds.). Science and the Production of Ignorance: When the Quest for Knowledge is Thwarted. The MIT Press 2020.

Lampert, LaurenceWhat a Philosopher Is: Becoming Nietzsche. University of Chicago Press 2018.

Margel, Serge. The Tomb of the Artisan God: On Plato's Timaeus. University of Minnesota Press 2019.

Marshall, Mason. Reading Plato's Dialogues to Enhance Learning and Inquiry. Routledge 2020. 

McIntyre, Lee. The Scientific Attitude: Defending Science From Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience. The MIT Press 2019.

Meijer, Michael, and de Vriese, Herbert (eds.). The Philosophy of Reenchantment. Routledge 2020. 

Milkov, Nikolay. Early Analytic Philosophy and the German Philosophical Tradition.  Bloomsbury 2019.

Minkowski, Eugène. Lived Time. Trans. Nancy Metzel. Northwestern University Press 2019.

Morse, Donald. Faith in Life: John Dewey's Early Philosophy. Fordham University Press 2018.

Negarestani, Reza. Intelligence and Spirit. Urbanomic 2018.

Newman, Michael. Transitional Justice: Contending with the Past. Polity 2019.

Novak, David. Athens and Jerusalem: Gods, Humans, and Monsters. University of Toronto Press 2019.

O'Meally, Robert (ed.). The Romare Bearden Reader. Durham: Duke University Press 2018.

Oppy, Graham, and Trakakis, N.N. (eds.). Inter-Christian Philosophical Dialogues, Vol. 4. Routledge 2017.

Palette, Virginie. Le donné en question dans la phénoménologie et le néokantisme: Des critiques du positivisme au débat avec Kant. Springer 2018.

Pihlström, Sami, Stadler, Friedrich, and Weidtmann, Niels (eds.). Logical Empiricism and Pragmatism. Springer 2017.

Postema, Gerald. Bentham and the Common Law Tradition. 2nd edition. Oxford University Press 2019. 

Pruss, Alexander, and Rasmussen, Joshua. Necessary Existence. Oxford University Press 2018.

Ryrie, Alec. Unbelievers: An Emotional History of Doubt. Harvard University Press 2019.

Seachris, Joshua, and Goetz, Stewart. God and Meaning: New Essays. Bloombsury 2016.

Soames, Scott. The World Philosophy Made: From Plato to the Digital Age. Princeton University Press 2019. 

Ware, Owen. Fichte's Moral Philosophy. Oxford University Press 2020. 

Warren, Calvin. Ontological Terror: Blackness, Nihilism, and Emancipation. Duke University Press 2018.

Watkins, Eric. Kant on Laws. Cambridge University Press 2019.

White, Heath. Fate and Free Will: A Defense of Theological Determinism. Notre Dame University Press 2019.

Wood, Adam. Thomas Aquinas on the Immateriality of the Human Intellect. Catholic University of America Press 2019. 

Woodruff, Paul (ed.). The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles: Philosophical Perspectives. Oxford University Press 2018.

Zahavi, Dan. Husserl's Legacy: Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and Transcendental Philosophy. Oxford University Press 2018.

Zakkou, Julia. Faultless Disagreement. Vittorio Klostermann 2019.

Zartaloudis, Thanos. The Birth of Nomos. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2019.