PIR: Policy on Letters to the Editor

When appropriate, authors of books reviewed in Philosophy in Review (“reviewees”) will be provided the opportunity to reply to reviews of their works. Both reviewers and, when appropriate, PIR’s editorial board will have the opportunity to respond to these replies. No provision shall be made for further correspondence beyond this first round of responses.

Reviewee replies will appear in a “Letters to the Editor” section, listed under the “Table of Contents” on the home page of PIR’s website. (Please note: As of 30 September 2011 this location has not been confirmed.) Normally, reviewees will be allowed up to one year to reply to any review of their work published in PIR. No request to reply made more than one year after the date of publication of the original review will be considered. PIR will endeavor to publish reviewee replies as soon as possible after receipt thereof. Such replies will be limited to a maximum length of 1000 words, and will be subject to the standard editorial scrutiny of this journal.

Once PIR receives a reviewee’s reply, a copy of that reply will be sent to the original reviewer, with an invitation to the reviewer to respond in turn. Any response by reviewer to reviewee will be limited to 1000 words, and will be subject to the standard editorial scrutiny of this journal. It will be published in the normal course of events no later than the subsequent issue.

Should the reviewee’s reply concern PIR’s editorial policy or related matters, PIR editorial staff may publish its own brief response.

PIR will not publish any reply, either by a reviewee or by a reviewer, that it believes falls below basic standards of decency and politeness of academic discourse.