Want to Review?

Are you a suitable reviewer?

Philosophy in Review is a specialist journal. We ask that reviewers:

  • Hold a Ph.D. degree or a professional equivalent in philosophy, or a closely related field relevant to the subject matter of the book under consideration.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to meeting mutually agreed-upon deadlines for reviews.
  • Adhere to the specified word limit (usually not exceeding 1500 words).
  • Follow the guidelines on our stylesheet.
  • Refrain from volunteering for new review assignments if you currently have a pending commissioned review with us.

What do you do to volunteer?

Please send an e-mail to pir@uvic.ca that includes the following:

  • Your name and full mailing address
  • Your ranked preferences from the above list of books (no more than three books, please). If you already have one or more of the books and can thus save us the cost of sending it, please say so
  • If you have not reviewed for us before, please supply a paragraph describing your expertise in the area (to allow us to select the most appropriate reviewers; it's not first-come-first-served!). Please do distil your relevant expertise down to a paragraph, name relevant publications, and be specific about your research.

Respecting deadlines

We kindly request that you honor the deadlines we establish for your reviews. In the event that unforeseen circumstances cause delays, please do not hesitate to notify us, as this assists us in managing our scheduling. Moreover, should you ever find yourself unable to complete a review, we urge you to inform us promptly via email. By doing so, there's a strong likelihood that we can still secure an alternative reviewer for the book, especially considering that multiple individuals may express interest in reviewing the same title. Your prompt communication is greatly appreciated.

Submit Your Commissioned Review

  • You will need to register wtih PIR online before beginning the submission process
  • Go to ONLINE SUBMISSIONS to create a username/password. If you have already registered, login.
  • Follow the 5 step process to submit your review.