As We Drive Along...

Anne Catherine Bajard


I worked with development issues in Bolivia from 1987 to2002, gradually moving from naïve idealism to a heartfeltcommitment to supporting indigenous peoples´ rights,including the satisfaction of basic needs at a local level,the rights to participation in the construction of the State,and the peoples´ rights to influence and shape theinternational and globalizing processes of the world. Irecognize that still sounds idealist. At the risk of soundingeven more romantic yet, I have found that there is no wayfor me to write but from the heart, where very pragmaticissues such as the struggle for a territory combine with thedaily reality of individuals whose lives I have had aglimpse of. I invite the readers here to catch a glimpse ofthe lives and thoughts of people I accompanied, in thestruggle of the Chiquitano people of Bolivia forrecognition of their territory.

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