Unsubmitted: Reflections on Academic Restraint

  • Bradley Clements


This is a personal reflection on the choice to not submit a library
researched paper about a sacred Mowachaht belonging. I made this
choice due to concerns about the spiritual power of the cultural
belonging that I had been writing about, and because I did not have
the knowledge or relations to know whether I could safely
disseminate words about it. Instead of submitting that paper, I submit
this reflection on politics of becoming entangled in Indigenous
governance. Doing so can entail working to unentangle oneself from
certain scholarly traditions to which many anthropologists may feel
entitled or obliged.

Thank you to those who have discussed the issues of this article with
me, most of whom have been Indigenous student peers or Elders.
Kleco kleco especially to Tommy Happynook and Alana Sayers.
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