Somatic Shockings Across Ailment Narratives: Lessons from the Sacred Geographies of an Indigenous Spirit-World

  • Luke Kernan
  • Jorge Angel-Mira


Aboriginal Australian stories captivate listeners and express a unique
worldview—each narrative manifests the applied wisdom of
traditional understandings of illness embedded within local land and
biology in confronting ailment Dreamings. These experiences warn
adherents about how cultural illnesses infect the living land as they
translate and signify through currencies of human suffering. This
paper will explore how these ailment Dreamings can be further
situated within cross-cultural dialogues, to responsibly temper
understandings between anthropological theory and community-lead
observances by implementing a combination of preliminary
fieldwork data, auto-ethnographic reflection, and sources from the
Wadeye region (NT, Australia).
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