Enhancing the Call of Place and Entangling Identities: A Braiding of Materials, Media, and Infrastructures to Place and Being

  • Kikila Perrin University of Victoria


Life is experienced in place. It is grounded, and we are connected through our experiences being grounded together in place. The call of place brings people (humans and more-than-humans) into a relational coexistence through sharing our interactions, and by being together in places. In exploring how meaningful cultural understanding between Indigenous land defenders and settler-descended activists can occur in these sites of coexistence, this paper examines how cultural entanglement that occurs through the shared experience in place can be enhanced through relationships to materials, media, and infrastructure. By evaluating if these different forms can enhance place’s call beyond its physical location, materials, media, and “infrastructure” can each be understood as a braiding of multivocal meanings capable of supporting the alteration of European worldviews to be more relational in a meaningful way that supports Indigenous resurgence.

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