Say It StraightTM - From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

  • David E. Golden
  • Paula Englander-Golden


Say It StraightTM ("SIS") is a research-based action oriented experiential training program with cognitive reinforcement that transforms relationships of submission-dominance to relationships of equal value. It uses Virginia Satir’s communication approach, combined with action-oriented behavioral skills practice. SIS has been conducted in diverse settings and cultures, with adults and children. The article describes basic philosophy and components of the program and cites our research to demonstrate its efficacy in various settings, especially in schools and institutions in the United States. In particular it notes statistically significant reductions in alcohol/drug-related school suspensions, juvenile police offences, and self-discharge against medical advice in adult addictions treatment, as well as increases in the use of empowering communication, behavior and quality of life in participants of all ages.