Enriching Your Relationship Program Through the Lens of Empirical Research

  • Sharon Lou Loeschen Virginia Satir Global Network
  • Dasa Jendrusakova Kean University
Keywords: Virginia Satir, Enriching, life skills, empirical validation


The Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others (Enriching) program is an experiential and psycho-educational brief intervention program based on the skills of Virginia Satir which has been applied to a broad spectrum of populations.  The premise of the program is that the skills that Satir used therapeutically could be modified and taught to the general public to enrich their lives.  The skills include: Making Contact, Validating, Becoming Aware, Opening to Greater Understanding and Acceptance, Making Conscious Choices and Changes and Seeking and Giving Support.  Although the Enriching program is being recognized around the world for its effectiveness by those receiving it, the empirical validation of the program has not been provided yet. Therefore, this is an initial attempt for a literature review of empirically based approaches and their connection to elements in the Enriching program.

Author Biographies

Sharon Lou Loeschen, Virginia Satir Global Network

Sharon Loeschen is the president of the Virginia Satir Global Network.

Sharon is also a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Long Beach, California and the author of The Satir Process and Systematic Training in the Skills of Virginia Satir. She is also a educator, having taught in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at California State University Long Beach for 19 years and now leading trainings in the Enriching program around the world.


Dasa Jendrusakova, Kean University
Dasa Jendrusakova, MA, MFT is currently pursuing her PsyD in combined and integrated clinical and school psychology at Kean University, NJ, USA. Her research interests include attitudes about parenting practices, empirical validation of Enriching model, mindfulness and sleep quality, and internalizing disorders in children. She lectures psychology courses at Kean University and has variety of clinical experience in community mental health setting. She is a member of Virginia Satir Global Network.