Zero Infinity: Multidimensional Healing of Experiences

  • Wendy Lum University of Victoria
Keywords: congruence, energy, experiential, infinity, multidimensionality, yin yang, zero point


The Satir Model is an inclusive, systemic therapeutic model that offers innovative concepts and interventions that lead to deep transformation. Virginia Satir was a pioneering, creative and brilliant therapist. This article will introduce and present a systemic and geometrically based concept “zero infinity” as an innovation and new offering to the Satir Model. Zero infinity has emerged from my research on Satir’s Personal Iceberg Metaphor (Lum, 2000) and treating thousands of individuals, couples and families since 1994, when I was first exposed to the Satir Model intensive training. I will share some experiences, understandings and influences that have helped me to discover zero infinity. This concept has been influenced by my Asian heritage and Canadian Western upbringing. Video links will visually and verbally demonstrate how zero infinity relates to healing within four dimensions of a person.

Author Biography

Wendy Lum, University of Victoria

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