Movement and Body-focused Learning in the Satir Model

  • Jesse Carlock School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University
  • Eva Wieprecht
Keywords: Eva Wieprecht, coaching, hypnosystemic

Author Biographies

Jesse Carlock, School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University
Dr. Carlock is a clinical professor at Wright State University, School of Professional Psychology, in Dayton, Ohio. She wrote Enhancing Self-­‐Esteem (3rd edition) and conducted interviews with Virginia Satir’s main colleagues, producing a composite DVD of those interviews. Trained by Virginia Satir, Dr. Carlock was the associate editor of the Satir Journal since its inception until the death of Dr. Steven Bentheim this past Fall. Since then, Dr. Carlock is co-leading the journal going forward along with Dr. Honore France. Her areas of interest include: women’s issues, adult recovery from incest, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, addictions of all kinds, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender issues, mood disorders, anxiety, couples, group therapy and crisis management for businesses and corporations.
Eva Wieprecht
Eva Wieprecht is a coach for hypnosystemic concepts in business development and coaching (Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Heidelberg). She works globally with a special expertise in bodyfocused approaches as a Satir Model expert, facilitator somatic movement integration practices (SMIP), hypnosystemic trainer and coach as well as Generative Trance Coach. She provides her work in German as well as in English. As a training director she runs the Int. Virginia Satior Institute of Germany, Cologne.