What's the World Trying to do Now? Reflections on Cultural Transformation during President Trump Days in Office

  • Laura Dodson IIC


This is the second of a series of articles published in the Satir International Journal (SIJ) that focuses on aspects of what is defined in the articles as “energy transformation” (Dodson, 2016) trying to happen in the USA and indeed in the world today.  In my first article in the last issue of SIJ (Dodson, 2016) I describe new energy that Virginia Satir and Carl Jung saw as emerging.  They, in various places in their talks and writings, labeled this new energy as that of masculine or hero and the feminine united in movement toward the “archetype of wholeness” (Jung, 1964, Vol X, para. 620) I will review highlights of the first article and continue the topic by describing how the energy transformation has been manifest during Donald Trump’s presidency.