An Interview with Dr. John Banmen on the Satir Model

  • Jesse Carlock Wright State University
Keywords: Satir Model, energy, transformational, Esalen, healing, spiritual


Dr. Jesse Carlock interviews Dr. John Banmen, a leading proponent of the Satir Model about the early beginnings of his relationship with Virginia Satir, his on-going intrigue with her approach, and his desire to fully understand what others coined, “her magic” in healing emotional wounds and helping people to thrive. The interview explores the origination of the book, The Satir Model and also clarifies the origin of the central concept used to explain the approach, the “Iceberg.”

Banmen and Carlock go on to examine the growing visibility of the spiritual, energy elements of the Satir Model, which Satir had once obscured as a result of their controversial nature, and the early adverse reactions from some influential professionals. Dr. Banmen takes this central energy element "out of the closet" and proudly speaks about the transformative dimension of the Satir Model that he views as fundamentally spiritual in nature. Finally, Dr. Carlock moves the interview towards a look at what Dr. Banmen might include in a new tome on the model.