The Satir Systemic Coaching Model

  • Darya Haitoglou Psychologist, Systemic Relationship Coach (UK) Director of Institute of Virginia Satir (UK)
Keywords: coaching, Satir Model, ENRICH model, experiential, somatic


The Satir Model is practiced globally in the field of psychotherapy but has not been utilized to its full potential in the coaching and business world. Executive coaching, business coaching, and life coaching are growing professions and are estimated to be worth more than $12 billion combined in the United States alone.

Coaching, as a practice, is used to support clients in reaching the desired outcome and has been practiced in conjunction with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Since NLP bases its work on Virginia Satir as one of its primary models, incorporating more of the Satir Model into coaching may enhance the work of executive, corporate, business and life coaches. With the ENRICH model of coaching described in this paper, the author combines cognitive and somatic elements in an innovative approach to coaching.

This paper aims to bridge the existing gap and present a Satir Coaching Model as a system of practical tools for coaches and trainers in both business and life-coaching field.