Moving from the ISE to OJS


Scene's editorial team is committed to digital preservation. Our first issue as Scene—2017 Issue 1—was originally published on the Internet Shakespeare Editions' boutique platform. With our move to the Open Journal Systems platform at UVic, we decided to republish 2017.1, as well as all the reviews from the ISE Chronicle (ISEC). You'll find Scene 2017.1 and ISEC listed under the journal archives

Note that ISEC reviews were posted to a blogging platform by the authors of the reviews. They did not go through peer review and were not copyedited by the ISE, although then Associate Coordinating Editor Janelle Jenstad did assist some writers in editing and posting reviews in 2015. Some reviewers were granted "Invited Reviewer" status on the basis of their experience and credentials.    In 2017, the blogging platform was retired and ISEC was superseded by the journal Scene. ISEC reviews were initially archived in the Scene environment using the ISE's XWiki editing space. They have all been re-archived here without any editorial changes.