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Vol 1 (1998) A Double Sacrifice Abstract
Tamara Lee Edwards
Vol 11 (2008) A Metaphorical, Heuristic Account of Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean Abstract
Benjamin Visscher Hole IV
Vol 3 (2000) A Model of Love Details
Victoria Seaville
Vol 2 (1999) A Questioning into the Epistemology of Value Abstract
Amanda Coen
Vol 2 (1999) A Sense of the Good Abstract
Sandy Bannikoff
Vol 4 (2001) Accessing Genetic Information Abstract   HTML
Katherine Duthie
Vol 9 (2006) An Analysis of Freedom and Rational Egoism in Notes from Underground Abstract
Michael Hannon
Vol 6 (2003) An Inquiry Into Phenomenalism Abstract
Ryan Vetter
Vol 11 (2008) An Interview with Allen W. Wood Abstract
Geordie McComb
Vol 12 (2011) Aquinas on Essence, Existence, and Divine Simplicity - Strange but Consistent Abstract   PDF
Stephen Stich
Vol 4 (2001) Are Thinking Machines Possible? Abstract   HTML
Sébastien Markley
Vol 12 (2011) Aristotle, Appropriateness and Appropriation: Getting the Foundations of Virtue Ethics Right Abstract   PDF
Sasha Suarez Amaya
Vol 12 (2011) Aspect Perception and Understanding the Meaning of Words Abstract   PDF
Luke Davies
Vol 9 (2006) Authentic Nihilism: Crediting to Nietzsche Heidegger's Debt Abstract
Ami Harbin
Vol 1 (1998) Beginning Hegel's Sense-Certainty: or the metaphysical violence of 'this' Abstract
Herb Wetherell
Vol 5 (2002) Berkeley On The Doctrine Of Abstract Ideas Abstract   HTML   PDF
Adrian M. Viens
Vol 6 (2003) Breaking the Brillo Box: Taking a Closer Look at What Lies Behind Danto's Philosophy of Art Abstract
Andrew Copeland
Vol 11 (2008) Defining Goodness Abstract
Simona Aimar
Vol 3 (2000) Deism to Damnation: Forgiveness and Spirit in Blake's Ghost of Abel and "To the Deists" Details
David Hume
Vol 5 (2002) Dialogue Over a Bath Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jenny Amber Petch
Vol 4 (2001) Feeling Better Everyday Abstract   HTML
G. Bratford
Vol 11 (2008) Formulating Maxims: Defending the Formula of Universal Law Against False Negatives and Positives Abstract
Chris Perkins
Vol 11 (2008) Foucault and Freedom: On the Constitutional Efficacy of Practice Abstract
Adam Michiels
Vol 6 (2003) From Nothingness to Authenticity: A Treatment of Sartre’s Philosophy Abstract
Robert Tarantino
Vol 11 (2008) Full Issue Details   PDF
Journal Editor
Vol 9 (2006) Full Issue Details   PDF
Journal Editor
Vol 6 (2003) Full Issue Details   HTML   PDF
Journal Editor
Vol 6 (2003) Gulliver and Us Abstract
Ofar Shidmehr
Vol 9 (2006) Holism in Aristotle's Metaphysics Abstract
Daniel Gladstone
Vol 4 (2001) How to Do Philosophy Without Despair Abstract   HTML
Erin Eisenberg
Vol 2 (1999) Imagining Doubt Abstract
D. Bifford
Vol 1 (1998) Is Darwin's Theory Properly Scientific? Abstract
Michael Keeling
Vol 1 (1998) Is Eye - I Abstract
Herb Wetherell
Vol 4 (2001) Is It Possible To Design A Machine With Mental Capacities? Abstract   HTML
Gareth Oystyk
Vol 12 (2011) Γενέσθω θεοειδής πᾶς: Likeness to God in Plotinus and Plato Abstract   PDF
Bennett Foster
Vol 11 (2008) Judging the Judges: Wittgenstein’s Sceptical Paradox for Debates in the Philosophy of Neuroscience Abstract
Will Robbins
Vol 3 (2000) Judgments of Intrinsic Value in Mill's Utilitarianism Details
D. Bifford
Vol 1 (1998) Kant and the Categorical Imperative Abstract
Cameron Robertson
Vol 1 (1998) Kierkegaard's Paradox of Faith Abstract
Taylor Zeeg
Vol 12 (2011) Kripke on Propositions in Intensional Contexts Abstract   PDF
Steve Tensmeyer
Vol 5 (2002) Learning Abstract   HTML   PDF
Will Goff
Vol 4 (2001) Leaves of Us Abstract   HTML
Brenda M. Anderson
Vol 4 (2001) Leibniz contra Sturm: Occasionalism, Free Will, and The Nature of Nature Abstract   HTML
Dan Sondheim
Vol 2 (1999) Locke's Delemma: Does Locke's position constitute a 'veil of perception'? Abstract
Chris Mitchell
Vol 5 (2002) Luddites Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jeremy Petch
Vol 5 (2002) Masonry Abstract   HTML   PDF
Will Goff
Vol 9 (2006) Michael Dummett and the Past Abstract
Graham Sullivan
Vol 1 (1998) nd Just What is That Supposed to Mean? Abstract
Miles Grandin
Vol 11 (2008) On Late-Capitalist Desire Abstract
Brent Vizeau
Vol 9 (2006) On Perception and Attention Abstract
Thom Constable
Vol 6 (2003) On Simulating Dialectics of Thought Abstract
Tim O'Connor
Vol 2 (1999) On the Possibility of Designing a Machine with Mental Capacities Abstract
Chris Wrede
Vol 6 (2003) Phenomenality and the Reality of Mind in Descartes' Meditations Abstract
Jonathan Tomm
Vol 5 (2002) Philosophical Honesty Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Hume
Vol 1 (1998) Philosophy as an Erotic Pursuit Abstract
Amanda Coen
Vol 9 (2006) Psychology and Virtue in Al-Ghazali's Ethics Abstract
Michael Shindler
Vol 11 (2008) Relevant Possibilities, Intentions, and Moral Responsibility Abstract
Daniel Moose
Vol 5 (2002) Resuscitating Ethics Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jason Sanche
Vol 12 (2011) Scientific Realism: Interview with Anjan Chakravartty Abstract   PDF
Bianca Torchia
Vol 6 (2003) Skepticism and the Empiricists Abstract
Jason Taylor
Vol 9 (2006) Sola Experientia: The Bas Van Fraassen Interview Abstract
Kyle Jackson
Vol 11 (2008) Special Relativity and the Time-Lag Argument Abstract
John Kardosh
Vol 5 (2002) Talk Abstract   HTML   PDF
Will Goff
Vol 2 (1999) Teaching Virtue with Elenchus and Aporia Abstract
Patrick Meyer
Vol 5 (2002) Terrorization as Morally Problematic Abstract   HTML   PDF
Danielle Brown
Vol 3 (2000) The Case for an Environmentalist Reformation: or, why Foss may be an Environmentalist after all Details
Christopher Mitchell
Vol 1 (1998) The Court of Pain: Philosophy of life and death in Rodriguez v. B.C.(A.G.) Abstract
Adrian Paul Denegar
Vol 2 (1999) The Deep Current of Heraclitus in Aeschylus' Oresteia Abstract
K.M. Ziebart
Vol 12 (2011) The Eichmann Aporia: Derrida and Transitional Jurisprudence After Nuremberg Abstract   PDF
Connor Cavanagh
Vol 3 (2000) The Fate of Overdetermined Actions in Barbara Herman's Analysis of the Kantian Doctrine of Moral Worth Details
Laura Nicol
Vol 9 (2006) The Gift of the Crow: Rhetoric and Dialectic in Plato's Phaedrus Abstract
Amijoseph Brosseau
Vol 5 (2002) The Labour Of Love Abstract   HTML   PDF
Zach North
Vol 5 (2002) The Moral Misfortune Of Affluence Abstract   HTML   PDF
Katherine Duthie
Vol 6 (2003) The Paradigm of Unitiy: Self, Substance, and Synthesis in Leibnizian Metaphysics Abstract
Matt Maclean
Vol 2 (1999) The Poem Abstract
Ward Washington
Vol 11 (2008) The Quest for the Virtuous Life: Can Lao Tzu’s Wu Wei be Considered a Virtue? Abstract
Chris Dimatteo
Vol 5 (2002) The Questionable Morality of Colourising Movies Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jamyang Lodto
Vol 4 (2001) The Role Of God In Descartes Epistemic Theory Abstract   HTML
Adrian M. Viens
Vol 3 (2000) The Truth is Out There Details
Alex Henderson
Vol 5 (2002) Unused Footage From The Lives Of Eminent Philosophers Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sarah Feldman
Vol 5 (2002) What If Everybody Did That? Kant's Test Of The Universalized Maxim Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lyle Crawford
Vol 3 (2000) Why the Cosmological Argument is Not a Valid Proof of God Details
Julie Richter
Vol 4 (2001) Wildness and Wilderness Abstract   HTML
Darren Bifford
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