Call for Papers: Frauds and Fricas – Exploring the Relationship Between Propaganda, Populism, Memorialization, and Fear


Frauds and Fricas – Exploring the Relationship Between Propaganda, Populism, Memorialization, and Fear (Verges1/2021)


Propaganda plays a major role both in history and the present. The use of propaganda can vary, including dissemination around ideas of regimes or democracy, gender relations or ideologies, and ideas related to nationalism or state organization. At the same time, means of propaganda are used to counter authoritarian regimes and movements, and are often related to ideas of populism. Populism typically uses emotions, such as fear, and creates notions of “we” and “them” to argue for specific political goals. These tools can also be found in politics of memorialization of difficult pasts. We can find these politics in discussions about Holocaust memorials, as well as debates on perpetrator monuments in countries that experienced atrocities and genocides. We can see its impact on today’s life in post-socialist countries and the struggles over remembering the past century.  


For the upcoming volume of VERGES, we invite graduate, recent graduate, and senior undergraduate students to explore topics such as the relationships between propaganda and the construction of memory, processes of differentiating and othering when discussing difficult pasts, the history of propaganda and its effects on individuals and society, politics of memorialization, the impact of politics of fear, and many more.


We welcome papers from the field of Germanic and Slavic Studies, as well as papers from Interdisciplinary Studies that can be linked to Germanic and Slavic areas of research.

We welcome papers with diverse approaches and methodologies, including arts-based research.


  1. Research paper: Please submit your research paper related to the volume´s topic (4000-6000 words including references)
  2. Book review: Please submit a review of a recently published book in the field of Germanic and Slavic Studies (500-800 words).


Please submit your paper until January 30th online using the editorial system at the VERGES website

You will receive your feedback by the end of February and will be asked to submit your reviews by mid-March.


Please feel free to contact us with your questions!

Janine Wulz for the editorial team