Such a Tiny Little Thing: Diminutive Meanings in 'Alice In Wonderland' as a Comparative Translation Study of English, Polish, Russian and Czech

  • Dorota Lockyer University of Victoria


This paper descriptively examines the translations of selected diminutive constructions in Alice in Wonderland and its translations into Polish, Russian and Czech. The study uses corpus methods and uses insights from semantics. The purpose of the present study is to compare the translations of several examples of diminutive constructions: first, poky little house, little house and neat little house; second, such a tiny little thing! Each translation had a different meaning from the original and other translations due to grammatical rules or choice of ‘equivalent’ for the diminutive construction. Findings suggest that not only does each translator approach his or her translation from a different angle, but also that language and culture significantly affect the translation of diminutives through contextual and cultural meanings.

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Dorota Lockyer, University of Victoria
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