Language Revitalization in Ukraine: Geo-Culturally Determined Success

  • Andrew McKishnie University of Victoria


This paper discusses the successes and struggles of the ongoing language revitalization effort in Ukraine.  Since the breakup of the USSR in 1991, many policies have been implemented in an effort to promote ‘ukrainianization’ of the country, which has resulted in mixed success (Pavlenko 2006).. Today, more of the population is speaking Ukrainian, although this is not a phenomenon that is evenly distributed across the country; rather, the success of ukrainianization has been ‘geo-culturally determined’; that is, the success of ukrianianization can be determined by the cultural climate of any given geographical area. The paper attemps to demonstrate this by giving a historical outline of language in the USSR,  discussing ukrainianization efforts after independence, and speculating on  and future directions of ukrainianization as it pertains to three geographic regions: Western Ukraine (i.e. Lviv), Kiev and Crimea.

Author Biography

Andrew McKishnie, University of Victoria
M.A. Candidate, Department of Linguistics


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