Journalism Studies for the Indigenous Sámi: From preparatory courses to worldwide Indigenous Master’s Studies

  • Torkel Rasmussen
Keywords: Sámi media, media education, journalism studies, Indigenous education, language revitalization


Journalism studies for the Indigenous Sámi people began with one year of preparatory studies at Sámi University College in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino Norway in 1992. In 2000, Sámi University College launched a pilot project for a separate Sámi Journalism course. This course developed into a permanent Bachelor’s program in the years to follow. Sámi language is the primary language of instruction in this program, and students are trained to function as journalists in Sámi society with special skills to work in Sámi media and with Sámi language as their working language. In January 2015, Sámi University College launched a new Master’s program, the Master of Sámi Journalism from an Indigenous Perspective program. The Candidate and Bachelor’s programs were developed to meet the needs of professional journalists in a growing Sámi media field prioritizing Sámi language production, and the Master’s program aims to train experts with Indigenous media expertise for leadership positions in Sámi and other Indigenous media and academic institutions.