Indigenous Research and Broader Issues in the Academy

  • Aunty Joan Vickery
  • Aunty A. Thorpe
  • Auntie Melva Johnson
  • Auntie Kella Robinson
  • Auntie Merle Bamblett
  • Auntie Georgina Williams
  • Uncle Graham Austin
  • Auntie Rose Bamblett
  • Auntie Beverley Peters
  • Auntie Laura Bell
  • Auntie Lyn McInnes
  • Esme Bamblett
  • Lisa Thorpe
  • Helen Kennedy
  • Angela Clarke
  • Nicole Waddell
  • Greg Phillips
  • Jason Selam
  • Annette Vickery
  • Jan Muir
  • Rosie Smith
  • Neville Atkinson
  • Bronwyn Fredericks
  • Daryl Rose
  • Irene Morris
  • Veronica Arbon
  • Mark Rose
  • Wendy Brabham


The Rudd Labour Government rode to power in Australia on the education promise of ‗an education revolution‘. The term ‗education revolution‘ carries all the obligatory marketing metaphors that an aspirant government might want recognised by the general public on the eve government came to power however in revolutionary terms it fades into insignificance in comparison to the real revolution in Australian education. This revolution simply put is to elevate Indigenous Knowledge Systems, in Australian Universities. In the forty three years since the nation setting Referendum of 1967 a generation has made a beach head on the educational landscape. Now a further generation who having made it into the field of higher degrees yearn for the ways and means to authentically marshal Indigenous knowledge? The Institute of Koorie Education at Deakin has for over twenty years not only witnessed the transition but is also a leader in the field. With the appointment of two Chairs of Indigenous Knowledge Systems to build on to its already established research profile the Institute moved
towards what is the ‗real‘ revolution in education – the elevation of Indigenous Knowledge as a legitimate knowledge system. This paper lays out the Institute of Koorie Education‘s Research Plan and the basis of an argument put to the academy that will be the driver for this pursuit.


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Vickery, A. J., Thorpe, A. A., Johnson, A. M., Robinson, A. K., Bamblett, A. M., Williams, A. G., Austin, U. G., Bamblett, A. R., Peters, A. B., Bell, A. L., McInnes, A. L., Bamblett, E., Thorpe, L., Kennedy, H., Clarke, A., Waddell, N., Phillips, G., Selam, J., Vickery, A., Muir, J., Smith, R., Atkinson, N., Fredericks, B., Rose, D., Morris, I., Arbon, V., Rose, M., & Brabham, W. (2010). Indigenous Research and Broader Issues in the Academy. WINHEC: International Journal of Indigenous Education Scholarship, (1), 1-10. Retrieved from