DhuriNya (dar-rin-ya) (Ancient Aboriginal meaning - Cycle of Being): How to Restore a National First Nation Australian Education System?

  • Nola Joyce Turner-Jensen CultuRecode Project
Keywords: Mindset, Indigenous, Aboriginal, individual-collective, belief systems, culture, instincts, localization


This paper is all about introducing readers to two polar opposite Instinctive Belief Systems that drive our unconscious thoughts and the life changing discoveries we found in our 6-year communication discourse research study between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Australia. A key finding is that an Instinctive Belief System sits more so with those that have ancestry from Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic cultures of many colonial Australians. Conversely, we discovered that Indigenous peoples of the world including the Pacific Islands, most African, Asian, South American and some Slavic nations are based more on a Collective (rather than Individual) First Mindset. In this study, I helped lead a team of people who discovered how this Instinctive Belief System bias, within our current education and schooling sector, has contributed unequiviocally to the on-going frustrations, misjudgement, resignations, personal battles, and high levels of school dropout among many Indigenous Aboriginal people in Australia today.


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Author Biography

Nola Joyce Turner-Jensen, CultuRecode Project
Former Social Worker, Aboriginal Entrepreneur and Independent Aboriginal researcher


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